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Training, quite simply, needs to be simple…


Ever felt frustrated with the progress of your horses's journey? 

Ever wanted to make things easier to understand for both of your sakes?

Ever needed to know how the horse learns to make it less about fear and more about understanding?

The key objective at ESC is to help horse lovers, be that children or adults, those with or without their own horses, to build better communication skills with their horses. Understanding the process behind learning and applying methods to suit each individual horse to ensure owners are enriching their horses’ lives.

 By combining knowledge of learning theory, psychology and ethology, Equitation Science aims to assess the effectiveness of training and its impact on the horse, asking the most important question:

Is horse welfare being compromised in our current training system?

Have you, too, asked this or similar questions? Would you like to understand and improve the connection between you and your horse? 

Coaching with Pam Reid will ensure the following:

-  Pam will speak up for horses

- Clearer ways established to communicate with horses

- Each horse is treated as an individual and training is adapted as needed

- Truth: horse welfare comes before our needs and wants

- By helping horses become safer, the wastage rates in the industry can be reduced

- Transparency and accountability for all information shared a 

Finding the right coach and trainer is key to helping your horse.To see if Pam is the right for you and if her values connect with your own values, contact her today.

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Intelligence: Not because you think you know everything without questioning, but rather because you question everything you think you know. ​

- author unknown -

Examples of our Values in Practice


Yearling Training

Rescued by Windamere Horse Haven, Sebby came to us as a foster foal. After falling in love with his inquisitive nature, we decided to purchase him and continue with his training. Potentially maturing at around 12hh, Sebby is going to make a super child's pony. Already fantastic at leading, including onto the float and having his feet trimmed. One of the sweetest natured ponies we have encountered. 

Sebby will be available for purchase once started under-saddle.

Contact us for more information on Sebby or to express an interest in him.


Percheron Training

With a love for foundation training, we have 3 gorgeous percheron fillies currently in training. They came unhandled and fearful of people and are progressing beautifully to calm and curious additions to our herd.

Click the link below to follow their progress.

Two of the fillies will be available for purchase in the future. 

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- Sunday Psych: weekly inspiration to keep our own psychology strong

- Young Horse Series: preparing youngsters for their careers in any discipline, videos and tips shared fortnightly

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“It is every horse-person’s responsibility to understand the horse as completely as possible. Evidence-based horse training is our way to protect the welfare of the horse.”

Andrew and Manuela McLean


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