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Why ESC?

Teaching you to train your horse...

The welfare of horses always comes in joint first with the safety of riders. In combining these two aspects, children and adults learn how to train horses in a more effective and ethical way. When we can give clear and consistent signals to our horse or pony, their world becomes more predictable. When their world is predictable they are calmer - calm horses and ponies are safe horses and ponies. 

The core principles of Equitation Science are broken down for children and adults to easily understand and apply. As ponies and horses can inadvertently learn solutions to their own problems, ES comes with a toolkit that gives riders the solution to re-train undesirable habits.

Teaching children and adults to ride horses by a qualified teacher ensures lessons are enjoyable, calm and above all, safe.  

There are many skills riders are learning alongside horsemanship skills. See our 'Benefits of Horse-riding' for more information.

Lessons start from 4 years of age, are fully insured and catered to rider's individual needs and requirements. Lessons can be on our horses and ponies or on your own horses. 

For more information on types of lessons go to our 'Lesson Options' page.


...for the love of horses...

Why Equitation Science?

Equitation Science combines knowledge of learning theory, psychology and ethology to assess the effectiveness of training with horses. It objectively measures rider interventions and asks the most important question:

Is horse welfare being compromised in our current training system?

When we understand how horses learn and use the principles and practices from ES systematically in our training, the horses welfare is put at the top of our agenda.

The goal for us at ESC is to educate aspiring riders in how they can apply the core principles of learning theory, resulting in effective training and safe horses.

To learn more about Equitation Science, go to the International Society for Equitation Science website.


“It is every horse-person’s responsibility to understand the horse as completely as possible. Evidence-based horse training is our way to protect the welfare of the horse.”

Andrew and Manuela McLean


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