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Pony Training

Training Solutions for Common Pony Problems

One thing is for sure...ponies and children make a dynamic mix! There's nothing better than seeing a pony and child combination full of fun and laughter...but what happens when things start to go wrong?

A pony's trial and error method of learning can mean that they learn quickly (see video below 'Trial and Error' with children using this process). Fantastic news when you want to introduce something new. Not so fantastic when we accidentally reinforce something we don't want to see them repeat!    

Children are, or course, smaller in size than most adults. They usually don't have the strength to match a pony. Some children do not have the confidence to persevere with a behaviour and most are still learning themselves. 

So, after a few discussions with clients, We have set up 'PONY SERIES' where some ideas and strategies, that practiced consistently over time, will help make ponies SAFER and more FUN to be around. Click on the Pony Series button below.

If you would like to see some solutions to a particular behaviour problem, send us a message! 



Training Options

Tips for:

- Strong ponies, that push or barge their handler on the ground

- Ponies that are "goey" that riders have trouble stopping

- Foundation training and starting under-saddle

- Float training

- Ponies that are "lazy"


 ....and many more!