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Children's Reviews


"I knew I was safe because I trusted Mrs Reid. I was a bit nervous at the beginning, but at the end felt very proud when I decided to ride Harry, twice!

Tabitha, 10 Years

"I tried things I hadn't tried before. It was exciting and I had a lot of fun."

Will, 10 Years

"Pam is an extremely awesome teacher, she knows how to keep you safe and she knows how to have fun. If I'm scared, she says it's going to be alright. When it finishes [the lesson], I want it to go on for longer because I am having so much fun. Harry has taught me heaps of things about horse-riding."

Rose, 9 Years

"You know riding, Mrs Reid? You are really good at teaching it."

Karishma, 9 Years

"It's good because it's fun to ride and it's fun to learn new things. I like how Pam teaches, she's funny and nice and kind. I loved trotting (especially on Gypsy) and doing 'Round the World' on Harry. I've learnt Harry needs to go if you squeeze him."

Hannah, 8 Years

"It's fun doing stuff that you don't usually do. Pam's a nice teacher, she knows what she's doing and has all the stuff. Harry is a nice pony and Zac is good and lovely to be around."

Isabelle, 12 Years

Pam teaches very well and it's very fun. It puts a smile on my face. She's very good at teaching. I think my riding is good, I like it."

Lara, 8 Years

"The best day ever!" (Re: Pony Day)

Lyla, 6 Years