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Available from 4 years to adults



Full or Mini Pony Day

Looking to get your horsey fix over the school holiday's? We run a school holiday program to cater for your child's love of all things horsey.

Mini Day: ($60 each child)

9am -12pm

This day is for children 4 years and over or those who are new to horses and horse-riding. 

The day includes learning about horse management (yes, this includes poo picking!), safe horse handling skills and horse-riding.

Full Day: ($120 each child)

9am - 3pm

For the more serious horse trainers, the full day includes learning how horses learn, how to train horses, horse handling and horse riding.

For those Pony Club Members, the day will enable further lessons working towards their Pony Club certificates.



Pony Club Group

New for 2020!

ESC is now an Accredited Pony Club Centre!

What this means for you?

Children can join our program that delivers the Pony Club syllabus using our ponies. You do not have to own your own pony and instead get to move through your Pony Club Certificates with one of ours. 

This can give you and/or your child:

- Valuable experience with safe and reliable ponies and horses

- Knowledge of horse care that sets you up to own your own pony/horse

- A syllabus that has proven results for 80 years at progressing riders through their skill level

- New friends and connections

These groups are currently being held on Saturday & Sunday afternoons, 1-3pm. They are paid a term at a time, at $40 a session.

Contact us to find out more.


At My Place

Don't have your own horse or pony (yet?!) Come to our place and meet one of our lovable school masters ready to teach you. Our one-on-one lessons provide the opportunity to develop skills in riding (pole work, dressage movements, jumping) and in handling (grooming, leading, tacking-up) - all while learning about horses body language and welfare needs.

Private lessons are:

30 minutes for $40

45 minutes for $60

Riders who can ride independently can have shared lessons:

45 minutes @ $40 each rider


At Your Place

Let lessons come to you! Lessons in the comfort of your home allow for coaches to see your horse/pony in their comfort zone. Here we can target particular goals or issues, using the principles of Equitation Science. Getting the basic's right will benefit all future training.

Lessons are:

45 minutes for $60 + a travel fee.

Back in the Saddle
Trying a New Skill

Confidence Building

Lessons for those getting 'back in the saddle' or wanting to try horse-riding are also available. With a gentle approach, riders dictate the pace (literally!) in sessions. Perfect for those who have always dreamed of horse-riding, those who may have lost their confidence or those who have been out of riding for a period of time.

Lessons are:

30 minutes for $40

45 minutes for $60

Individual Riding Plans

Individual Goals

When planning sessions together, we can develop a sequential program that covers all goals and areas for your child. It may be improving riding and the responses from the pony. It may be more about your child and their mindset. Whatever the focus, creating a thorough training plan will ensure we achieve the goals you and your child have in mind - and help your child grow.

Young Riders

Furthering Skills

Lessons for young riders who have riding experience and want to go further in their riding. The principles of Equitation Science are applied for all 10 Basic Responses to achieve light and responsive horses.  Any challenges can be addressed and worked through with a systematic plan of action.

Lessons are:

Private - 30 minutes $40

Private - 45 minutes $60

Shared - 45 minutes @ $40 each rider

Foundation Training

Starting a youngster under saddle ("breaking in")

"If the foundation is firm the building can withstand calamities"

B.K.S Iyengar (yoga teacher)

The journey of horse ownership is not always a smooth ride. When you breed or purchase a young horse, you want to know that they have a strong foundation to ensure success for the future, whether that is a trail horse, pony club pony or competition horse.

A horse that has been started using the principles of Equitation Science has been proven to be calm, responsive and successful on their journey. Select the link below to find out more about the 10 Principles of Equitation Science. 

Here at ESC, we are fierce advocates for training that encourages positive associations between handler and horse. The horse is progressed through the foundation responses of GO, STOP and TURN step-by-step, without hurry. 

The time it takes for each horse will vary. You will always be provided with an honest assessment about the progress at each given stage. 

Working with the owner is a priority. You will have the toolkit of the training principles to take home with you and your horse, knowing for sure that you can continue the training.

Follow-up sessions are recommended to keep horses tuned up and progressing successfully. 

Prices vary. Youngsters can stay at ESC or I can travel to you daily for sessions.

Contact us to find out more.


Developing Your Toolkit

If you are feeling like a problem situation isn't improving or is in fact beginning to escalate, then our re-training program is the answer. Together we can assess the situation and put forward a plan of action to re-train your horse or pony using the simple, but effective, principles of learning theory.

Lessons are: 

1 hour $90

These sessions include a thorough assessment of your horse/pony in relation to the shaping scale, developed by Dr Andrew McLean. Please see below link for more information.