maximise your training


Is horse welfare being compromised in our current training system?

Horses are not naughty, intentional, plotting against us, or cunning.


Our horses are acting based on what they have previously learnt through their interaction with us.


When we take the emotion out of what we are seeing from our horses, we approach them with new and simple ways of changing their behaviour. 


Having been in your shoes, trying different training systems and ideas without seeing any progress, I understand the conflicting opinions around horse training. (read the ups and downs of my journey here)


Knowing how horses learn and how simply they learn is life-changing…for us and for them. 


Equitation Science principles can turn what we thought we knew about horse behaviour on its head. 


This is where Mindset comes in.

Are you someone that is open to changing what you think you know?


Can you look at situations with fresh eyes and a new approach?



Pam works with clients who are open to looking again at what their horse needs and what they are telling us. 


Like a Supernanny for horses, Pam will watch your interaction with your horse and quickly discover where the confusion lies. (Lesson options and prices)

​There is no anthropomorphism here, that is, putting human terms onto horses.​​

It is as simple as horses needing clearer signals to understand what is being asked.


For best results for you and your horse, the Maximise Training program starts from scratch.


(1) How does your horse live - Are they paddocked, in a herd, with access to hay or grazing? 



(2) We look again at your horse's understanding of the basic responses - Stop, Go, Turn, Yield. How clear is it for the horse?

(3) Make a plan with an individualised program for you and your horse. This may include weekly lessons with tasks for you, a recommendation for an intensive stay (Supernanny Boostcamp) at Pam's and/or a Mindset strategy for you. 


If you would like to hear how Equitation Science principles have changed many horse owner's lives, testimonials can be found here. 


“Perhaps the greatest kindness you can do any horse is to educate him well” 

- Tom Roberts, The Young Horse -